Creating a new live draft team selection mode to enhance the fantasy cricket experience



Android app

Research, UX/UI Design, Design System

Oct 2018 (8 weeks)

Cricduel is a fantasy cricket game for fans of the sport in India. Users create a virtual team comprised of athletes from two teams scheduled to compete and points are earned based on the performance of the athletes in a select match.

Working directly with the co-founder, my team focused on addressing his objective of enhancing the game experience to attract new users and retain existing ones.

I led the design of the live draft feature, a new head-to-head game mode where users choose athletes in real-time.


Not knowing anything about cricket or fantasy sports, our team spent time learning about both to better understand Cricduel. Another point of interest was to research game mechanics and gamification so that we could ideate solutions that would provide the most value to users. We also studied competitors to see what they offered in terms of gameplay experience and UI design.


User Flows

Before creating the new live draft team selection mode, I analyzed how users currently form teams in the existing or classic mode. Mapping out the user flow visually shows the steps required to complete a process and to evaluate if there are any inefficiencies.


For the classic mode, I sketched alternative examples of how the player selection experience could be improved. Since the live draft mode is a sibling to the classic mode, I collaborated with the founder and designers on my team to ensure they looked and functioned similarly.

Cricduel Cricduel Cricduel

Progression from low to mid fidelity

High Fidelity Mockups

My teammate took charge of the high fidelity mockups for the classic mode, while I directed my full attention towards live draft mode. For efficiency, we worked together to outline shared components between the two. In this stage of the process, I was able to explore additional details that could not be be properly articulated in wireframes alone.

Cricduel Cricduel


My team redesigned the user interface to create a delightful visual experience for users. We also established a design system to identify the most important components of the app and allow ease of scalability as new features are added. The new live draft experience I designed will help differentiate Cricduel from its competitors, as well as attract and retain users.


Design system

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