Information architecture and page hierarchy of the website was refined for a more intuitive user experience and improved SEO



Responsive Web

UX Design, Front-End Development


About the client

RxOwnership is a resource for those looking to buy, start or sell an independent pharmacy. McKesson established the program in 2007 and has helped over 4,000 pharmacy owners through the pharmacy transition and ownership process.


The challenge

In 2017, the website was redesigned to bring it into alignment with McKesson’s brand identity system. It was also replatformed as a WordPress website from static HTML, to allow for quick and easy content management. Design and development were both done in-house.



Positive feedback received from stakeholders:

“Thanks so much everyone for your hard work on website! Huge improvement and more robust for our customers and prospects. Job well done!!“

“Overall team is very happy with website :)”


RxOwnership homepage

Establishing a hierarchical structure

I assessed the current build of the website and saw it had a flat page structure. All pages were a 1st level item relative to the root. Applying a hierarchal structure to the new website helped make the URL path of a page more clear and organized 2nd level items logically under their respective parent pages. The extra added benefit was improved SEO.


Visual cues help the user fill out the form properly

Consolidating like content and eliminating redundancies

After migrating the content from the old website to the new website, I still saw opportunities to further improve the architecture of the website. Working closely with the writer, I explained the importance of consolidating like content and eliminating redundancy to optimize the website experience for customers.

The main sections of Buy, Start and Sell had sub pages with nearly identical content. Those sub pages (Business Basics, Store Setup, and Financing Options) were moved under the Resources section, so they can be easily found by both buyers and sellers alike.

Any remaining sub pages were consolidated into their parent pages. For example, the Buy section previously had 6 separate pages related to buyers. To access all content relative to buyers, the customer would have to click 6 times to view each page. With all content now on 1 parent page, the customer will only need to click once. These improvements reduced the number of total website pages from 30 to 21.

RxOwnership   RxOwnership

RxOwnership original site map and revised site map

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